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1. Applicants MUST view the interior of the property before submitting their application.
2. Incomplete Applications or those with contingencies will not be processed.
3. An application will be processed when the application is completely filled out. A payment is required for the screening fee(s). The screening fee submitted to Peergroup Corporation must be in the form of money order or cashier’s check.

IF MORE THAN ONE APPLICATION IS SUBMITTED AT THE SAME TIME: We will first process the Application that best matches the Owner’s requirements. All other applicants will be notified and allowed to withdraw their application and pick up their screening fee. Anyone wishing to have their application in second position can ask us to hold it. Your screening fees will not be deposited until the first application is denied. We will notify the applicant in second position as to the status before we deposit their screening fee and process their application.

SCREENING FEES: All Adults who intend to reside on the premises longer than three weeks and co-signers over 18 years old must complete an application and pay a screening fee. The charges for screening fees are as follows: each applicant over the age of 18 is $30.00. Please be aware, we will access a credit report and criminal background report.

CREDIT REPORT/CRIMINAL BACKGROUND REPORT: Please be aware your screening fee pays for us to access a credit report and a criminal background report.

INCOME REQUIREMENTS: At least one adult must make two (2) times the monthly rent as their gross monthly income. Because this is a community property state, the income of married couples is combined. Please provide a copy of your recent earnings statements when you submit your application. Inability to provide income verification will be a reason for denial of tenancy.

LANDLORD REFERENCE: We DO NOT accept relatives as landlord references.

PETS: A deposit or non-refundable fee is charged even if a pet is kept outside. It is our policy to require pets be neutered or spayed. We will require the tenants sign a Pet Addendum that becomes a part of the Rental/Lease Agreement.

SMOKING: If you are applying for a non-smoking property you will be required to sign an addendum agreeing that no smoking will take place in the property at any time.

WATERBEDS: Liability insurance is required at the time of move in. You will be required to sign an addendum confirming insurance coverage and proof of policy.


MOVE IN DATE: The date applicants intend to occupy the property must be filled in on the application. If the applicant(s) is/are approved, the move-in date will be the date the lease is signed.

YOUR PHONE NUMBER: Please indicate a phone number where you can be reached while your application is being processed.

CURRENT AND FORMER ADDRESS: List the last two addresses at which you paid rent or mortgage payments, excluding those of relatives. If you are staying temporarily somewhere, do not list it as your current address.

AGENT REFERENCES: If you do not have landlord references but have sold your home, give the name of the Real Estate Agent who listed and sold your house. If you own a house you are now renting indicate the person managing the property and their phone number. Provide the rent or mortgage payment amount as well as length of residency.


CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: Please provide a copy of your most recent earnings statement with your application. Please indicate your current employer’s name and phone number along with position and length of employment.

SELF-EMPLOYED: Please provide a copy of last year’s Tax Return including the Schedule C form and a current Income Statement or Quarterly Tax Return.

OTHER INCOME: If you are relying on income from other sources, such as Social Security, Welfare, Child Support, etc., please provide documentation to verify this income at time application is submitted.


A leasing agent gives you the information on the property, shows you the property, and assists you in filling out the application. If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss them with the leasing agent before submitting the application. We hope this information is helpful and we thank you for your cooperation.

Once you have completed your application and provided the required funds and documentation, the Leasing Agent submits it to the Property Manager who will screen it and determine whether it is approved or denied. The Property Manager will be the one to notify you of the status.


TENANT IS RESPONSIBILE FOR SETTING UP UTILITY SERVICES: Once your application has been approved and your move-in date is scheduled you are responsible for contacting the utility companies to start service in your name on the date your tenancy begins. Please ask your Property Manager for the names of the Utility Companies you are responsible for contacting if you do not know who they are.

AT TIME OF MOVE-IN: PERSONAL CHECKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED WHEN YOU SIGN THE LEASE AND RECEIVE THE KEY. MOVE-IN FUNDS MUST BE A CASHIER’S CHECK OR MONEY ORDER. You will be notified, and we will deposit your holding fee in the bank. The money will be credited toward your move-in funds. The Property Manager will schedule a time to meet with you. At that time you will sign the Rental/Lease Agreement, do the move-in inspection, receive the keys, and pay the remaining move-in funds. If the applicant(s), after notification of approval, chooses for any reason whatsoever not to execute a Rental/Lease Agreement with the landlord or landlord’s agent, the Rental Deposit converts to a NON-REFUNDABLE Placement Fee.


We will ask if you want your holding fee mailed to you at your current address or if you want to come in to the office and pick it up.