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 Our bilingual staff can handle a wide variety of property management services including:

  • Rent Collections,
  • Posting of 3-day Notices to Pay or Quit / Perform or Quit,
  • Rent Increases and SCEP/RSO fee pass-through to Tenants,
  • Experience with Section 8 Program (City and County),
  • Preparation and Marketing / Leasing of Vacancies,
  • Screening of Applicants (credit check, verification of employment, etc.),
  • Preparation of Leases and related documentation,
  • Negotiation of Commercial Leases,
  • Repairs and Maintenance (which is billed on a per hour basis),
  • Evictions through Outside Eviction Attorneys,
  • Property Tax Payments,
  • Property Insurance Premium Payments,
  • Mortgage Payments,
  • Utility Company Payments (i.e. electricity, water, gas, and trash), and
  • Any additional Third Party Vendor Payments (i.e. Landscaping, Pest Control, etc.).

Each property management agreement is tailored specifically to the needs of the client. Clients can choose which items they want PeerGroup to handle on their behalf, and which items they want to continue to take care of themselves. Often, our clients request to make the mortgage payment, property tax payment, and insurance payment. Other clients choose to do the repairs and maintenance work themselves.



Our focus is on multi-family, retail, industrial and commercial properties. PeerGroup built its reputation in REO’s but our successful management model often convinces buyers to retain our management for long-term private operations. Indeed, many of PeerGroup’s private clients today came to us as buyers of REO’s in the mid-1990’s and the relationship stuck.

Our “hand’s on” and proactive approach to property management keeps your property competitive with neighboring buildings, helping with leasing vacancies, maintaining a high level of occupancy, and limiting operating and turnover costs to the owner.  Once PeerGroup takes control of an asset we produce tangible physical and economic improvements. Properties stand out as clean, well maintained, and renting at or above market rates.

One special aspect of PeerGroup is the proven ability to provide low cost rehabilitation of properties. From rehabilitation of a vacant 16 unit building in Anaheim, CA to the utility restructuring of a 100,000 square foot industrial operation in East Los Angeles, PeerGroup property supervisors are always “hands-on”. Re-positioning of assets through market studies, lease negotiations, and physical improvements are all tools used to make the property successful.

Many of the properties currently under management are located in rent controlled areas of the City of Los Angeles. To this end, we know what is possible within the limitations of the Los Angeles Housing Department rent control program in regards to rental increases and evictions.



PeerGroup sets up a new, secure bank account for each individual property upon takeover of management.

A detailed property report is prepared each month using industry-standard Yardi Systems software, and is mailed to the client along with a distribution check after all bills for the month are paid. The monthly property reports include: a cover letter detailing activity for the month, a cash flow statement, a balance sheet, a trial balance, a general ledger, a check register, a deposit register, a rent roll, bank account reconciliation forms for both the operating and security deposit accounts, and copies of the bank statements. Copies of invoices and receipts are available upon request.

Other services offered by PeerGroup include: insurance review and competitive bid requests, tax re-assessment review, and preparation of annual 1099 and W-2 Forms, as required.



Maintenance and site inspections, preventative maintenance, and energy conservation measures are reviewed on a monthly basis to make sure that the activity plan is on course to achieve the goals set for your property.

PeerGroup utilizes its own in-house maintenance department for routine maintenance calls and vacancy preparation. This reduces the cost to you and significantly improves quality control and efficiency.  When larger projects arise, we go to our proven list of third-party experienced, licensed, and insured vendors for competitive bidding. For larger projects, we leverage our relationships when negotiating the price on contracts to a lower rate and pass those benefits on to you.

PeerGroup has amassed extensive experience managing properties over the past 25 years.  Our current employees have been with PeerGroup on average five to 15 years, providing a level of expertise and experience gathered from countless real life, hands on situations.  We work directly with Section 8 and city inspectors to make sure that the issues are corrected timely and cost effectively.  We are highly versed in keeping properties out of REAP—supervising all the repairs, renovations, and inspections by multiple agencies prior to the imposed deadline.


Successful leasing can be difficult in competitive markets or where properties are struggling for economic survival. PeerGroup is adept at assessing a situation and developing strategies to mount successful marketing plans for income properties. Tenant retention is often overlooked as a valuable method of improving and stabilizing cash flow.  We pride ourselves on our ability to retain quality tenants, as retention in today’s market is much more important than renting vacancies.

PeerGroup Corporation provides complete, expeditious vacancy turnover services from move-out to move-in. All leasing, maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and improvements are performed according to our tried and true procedures checklist.

When tenant retention isn’t an option, we use creative advertising and marketing strategies customized for your property to fill vacancies. Photos and property features and description are highlighted to sell the apartment’s attributes, in both print and on the internet.  Additionally, your vacancies are featured on our website where renters can search for properties based on specified criteria, request more information, schedule a viewing, review the listing information, and download a rental application.

Prospective tenants are entitled to see their future home as it should be, not as it could be. We don’t promise a new stove, refrigerator, carpet or linoleum; we have the actual installation complete and ready to go when the future resident views the unit. Our “No Excuses” policy allows residents to see exactly what they will get for their money.

A rigorous qualification process is used to screen applicants.  Applicants are screened based on a minimum income requirements, employment verification, rental history with landlord reference interviews, and credit worthiness based on timely payment of credit accounts, bankruptcies, foreclosures, repossessions, collections, and evictions as evidenced by their credit report (Experian & Transunion). A thorough screening process results in fewer evictions.

We have experience with the lengthy procedures and policies necessary to navigate the Section 8 application process, with the knowledge of how to shorten the timeframe, minimizing administration, and protecting your interests.

Upon screening approval and payment of the security deposit and first month’s rent, the lease is signed along with additional documentation (house rules, lead based paint, renter’s insurance disclosure, etc.), and the keys are turned over to the tenant.  Deposits are handled per owner instructions.

Before actual move-in, our leasing agents schedule a walk-through with the tenant to fill out a Move-In Move-Out Inspection Form. Upon tenant move-out, we re-inspect the unit and refer back to this form to calculate any damages to be deducted from the security deposit. A report and deposit refund is mailed to the tenant within 21 days.